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individual Day Passes

If you are in town visiting or would like to see if Audacity Fitness is a good fit for you, check these options out!



Good for one class drop-in.

Free 1st Class (With prior CrossFit experience)


One free trial class for those WITH prior CrossFit experience and new to Audacity Fitness.

Free 1st Class (No prior CrossFit experience)


One free trial class for those new to Audacity Fitness. Try our "Strong AF" Strength & Conditioning class that will give you a taste of our community without needing prior experience.

First THREE FREE for Legends 50+


First THREE classes are free for those trying out our Legends classes for ages 50+.

Membership options

Invest in yourself! After taking a first free class, let's decide which membership option best suits you. Pay in advance, come as many days as possible, or have the flexibility of coming to class 2-3x per week.

Unlimited (12 Month Prepay)


For those who are feeling extra AUDACIOUS. Unlimited classes paid 12 months in advance at a discounted rate per month. Includes access to Specialty Courses / Skill Clinics and a waived joining fee!

Unlimited (Monthly)


Unlimited check-ins! Come as often as you like with access to any Specialty Courses / Skill Clinics. If you live, eat, and breathe fitness, this is the plan for you!

Limited 12x (4 Weeks)


For those that can make 2-3x per week work! The 12 Classes can be used as desired in a 4-week (28 days) time frame. Does NOT include access to Specialty Courses / Skill Clinics.

Personal Training


Single Session Appointment

Personal Training


5-session pack of appointments

Personal Training


10-session pack of appointments

Legends 50+


For those aged 50+ and a desire to become a healthier, stronger version of themselves! Unlimited check-ins to our Legends classes offered 3x per week!

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